Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

development of this morning

At this special morning after I slept out I was in a good mood, due it was sunday and Oana gave me some kisses before she left at work.
Status: +100% comfortable

Barefood and half freezing I had to notice, there was no coffee, coke or fanta anymore in the  kitchen. She made the coffe empty.
Status: +25% comfortable

Considering I would share my last drop of coffee with my ugly, my mood went into frustration about her selfishness.
Status: -1% comfortable

Frustrated I wanted to sit down on my chair to think about the next steps. But this was not possible, the chair was blocked by a black cat which was not even thinking to move her ass.
Status: -20% comfortable

Without coffee in my veins I had no power to fight with her and so I decided to sit somewhere else.
The effect was zero, immediately she was on my legs for the morning "schmuse".
Status: -1% comfortable

After the black queen had enough I watched out of the window and saw strong snowfall and could barely see the mall at the opposite of Piata Unirii.
Status: -15% comfortalble

For coffee I would do almost everything. Therefore I dressed up and went down.
Status: -30% confortable

Finally I reached Carefour deep frozen and wet.
Status: -55% confortable

Even though I normally know that the backpack have to be stored in the locker I did not figure out what the stupid security guy was trying to tell me.
Status: -60% comfortable

I found the coffee!
Status -20% comfortable

At the cash register, I had a nice small talk with the young and cute cashier.
Status: -5% comfortable

After I payed, she said that it would be maybe better to clean myself. Due I did not know what she wants from me, she gave me with a lovely smile her makeup mirror. And then I saw that I was marked with red lipstick kisses on my cheek and my forehead.
Status: +120% comfortable

This made my morning! I found out I cannot even go shopping without my dear ugly Oana!

And I don’t cared about the other people standing around and looked to me as I would be from another planet.

If they laugh about me because I´m differet I don’t care, I laugh about them, because there are all equal.

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